An Independent Game Studio

Game creation on different devices (Web-browser, Desktop, Mobile). Pixel Art is one of the main styles used for the design.


Explore Lypotranisia, a 2D world crafted with Pixel art. You are the prophecy, designated to rescue this world. Become a Lypotran and harness your power to defeat Meherisis.

Gemmy the thief

Play with Gemmy and go through different levels to solve all gem puzzles. Capture the gem with the same color as the portal and put it inside.

Lost Flowers

Welcome to Ethery! You don't really know who you are, but your soul seems to be linked to this world. In a vibrant and floral universe, you will have to overcome the evil that seeks to corrupt this harmony. Explore a charming 2D open world in a pixel art style.

Star Jump

In a small 2D platformer game, explore and collect stars to purchase your favorite characters or customize your game.


This is your last mission before becoming an Explorer. To accomplish it, you will explore the ancient stele dungeon and overcome its challenges. But be careful, many puzzles and monsters could block your path to the success of your objective.

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